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Normal or Excessive Amount Of Hair Loss: How To Know The Difference

Many individuals experience hair loss, or will experience hair loss in their lifetime. If you’re asking yourself, “Is this a normal or excessive amount of hair loss,” here's more information on how to know the difference and when to seek treatment options.

Reasons For Hair Loss

The sudden loss of hair or excessive shedding can come from a variety of factors including postpartum, high amounts of stress, medications you may be taking, alopecia or even low iron in the body. By ‘high amounts of stress’, we mean new and very stressful situations, not everyday work or life stresses. The hair loss can begin 1-2 months after the stress starts, and take as long as 9 months to resolve on its own. Low iron in the blood can also cause the body to stop producing hair.

Normal vs. Excessive Amounts Of Hair Loss

In short, it is considered normal to lose about 50 hairs a day. So unless you’re noticing thinning hair, or clumps are in your hairbrush or coming out by hand, you might be experiencing normal hair loss.

Hair Loss From Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common cause for hair loss in both men and women, due to hormonal effects in the body. This is usually caused by aging or genetics. For men you usually notice a bald patch starting in the middle of the crown, or receding hairline. For women, hair loss often begins in the middle top of the head, but receding hairlines can occur too.

Treatment Options

One treatment option that we offer here at Advanced Dermatology is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). This is the process of injecting your own blood’s nutrients back into the scalp to help rejuvenate hair growth. We have had success in using this treatment for both men and women of all ages for pattern hair loss and other forms of hair loss. You can learn more about the Platelet Rich Plasma procedure here.

If you are looking for treatment options for hair loss, please contact Advanced Dermatology and schedule your consultation appointment. We will assess your problems, and create a customized treatment plan to best achieve your overall appearance goals.

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