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Madison, Alabama Dermatologist

Advanced Dermatology has been helping patients in Madison, Alabama get back to feeling confident and like their best selves for years. With our three board certified doctors, we bring your best to life. Learn more about our most popular cosmetic dermatology services in Madison, Alabama below. 

Tattoo Removal

Our laser tattoo removal treatments are one of our top cosmetic dermatology services. We utilize PicoSure® laser treatments to get rid of unwanted tattoos. To learn more about how the process works and what to expect before and after your appointment, click here

Body Contouring

We all have stubborn excess fat in some areas that we can’t ever seem to get rid of. We use Kybella® and Sculpsure® for our body contouring and sculpting treatments. Both are non-invasive treatments and have different pros and cons. To learn more about these procedures and what to expect, click here

Chemical Peels

Another popular cosmetic dermatology service we offer is chemical peels. These facial peels are generally beneficial for multiple different conditions including mild acne scars, aging acne, sun spots, and more. There are multiple different types of chemical peels, and your madison dermatologist can help you decide which is the best for you. For more information on chemical peels, click here

While these are only three of our most popular services, we can help you in your journey to feeling like your best self again. For a full list of cosmetic dermatology services offered by Advanced Dermatology, click here.

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